Aug 2016

A Grandmother’s Letter

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A God Story:

A Grandmother’s Letter to her favorite grandsonScreenshot 2016-08-08 16.05.16

The Buxton family, strong Christians involved in eradicating the slave trade in Brittan, supported many Christian endeavors throughout the years. In 1869 Hannah Buxton wrote a letter to her grandson, John Henry, outlining what God had laid on her heart. Their family home was now finished – a wonderful baronial home on the edge of London. Hannah knew God had a special purpose for this home.

It would be nearly 100 years before that purpose would be fulfilled,but the family never forgot Grandmother’s letter. In 1964, Easneye, their impressive baronial home, became the home of All Nations Christian College.





In May,Seeto and Nora were invited to speak to the students, who come from all around the world. We found them very receptive to thinking about doing business 4 blessing. It was a great privilege to spend time with them and learn how God’s plans can span decades but are always fulfilled.

But here is my question for us: What letters are we writing in our family’s lives with our influence. Do we pray specific scripture for our children and grandchildren? Grandparents have a great influence on grandchildren. I know my grandmother had a significant impact in my life. Her life example of a woman in business as well as how she balanced work and rest are always with me. I can still see the little log church where we went to church when I visited her. We sang the really old hymns: Rock of Ages, What a Friend We Have in Jesus. That example carried me through some pretty tough times even when I wasn’t a Christian.

If you are a grandchild with a grandparent who influences you for Jesus: have you told him or her?

The story of Easneye shows me how God redeems and uses families over the generations. You see, when we say Business 4 Blessing is about blessing families and communities; we want to talk about what those blessings are. The Buxton family impacted a nation with their Godly principles in business and in government. And today they continue to impact the lives of students from around the world. The power of one simple Grandmother who wrote a letter…makes us hopeful of our own impact doesn’t it?

What is your family God Story? Would you share it with us?


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