Nov 2016

Are you an experienced manufacturing manager? Perhaps you have been asking God, “How can I use this well developed skill for You?” Would it be a dream come true to produce a product that helps people AND do it in a place that needs the jobs as well as the steady example of biblical principles?

If you, or someone you know, is an experienced manufacturing manager B4B has an excellent opportunity for you to consider.

This multi-national company produces consumer products that allow injured people to regain their mobility and continue to be productive. It’s a company, owned by believers and managed with biblical principles. You would be the executive manager of this factory employing more than 250 people. You will have the privilege of leading local managers and being a part of an international executive leadership team. This company has facilities in the South Asia, the US, Europe and China. Your role as a senior leader requires that you have a proven track record as a manager of managers, able to lead across diverse cultures. While flexibility is important you will also have the integrity and character of a Christian executive.

Manufacturing the company’s products is a highly technical process involving different components and materials. Understanding where the industry is going and the strategies to get there will be part of your role. Growing the product line and market share requires an increasingly complex technology. Skill is required to solve problems and manage the processes to certify a quality product. The person who has the ability to excel in this position has technical expertise and understands end-to-end strategies to manage the supply chain. You must also be proficient in formulating and executing company strategy.

Because of the company’s commitment to biblical principles, this factory is in a poor area of the world where people don’t often have good jobs that develop their skills and provide a career path. It’s an area of the world, where some might be concerned to live, but it’s an area that desperately needs this factory and the peace it brings. The factory is located 25 km north of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Consider it. Pray – what is God calling you to? While providing good jobs and income for more than 250 families, you will have the opportunity to share your life and faith not only with employees, but with others in the community of which you will be a respected business member.

Could it be risky to live here? Yes, it could be, but here is what I have found: in the midst of difficult situations, there are opportunities that would never come another way. Four times in my life I have lived in risky places. I wondered if I should be there. But it was always an opportunity to watch God at work. I was asked many questions by local friends: “Why did you come here? Why do you stay.” Those were the times of fruitfulness. Many times it was my local friends who offered me safety and comfort. I knew I was there because God had called me to this place for such a time as this.


So these are the first 2 questions for you to consider: Do you have the skills to successfully lead this company and what is your calling.

Next some details:

  • Is this a short term or long term opportunity?
    • Long term depending on your successfully completing the introductory period of 3 months.
  • Is there a salary or is this one of those jobs where you have to raise your own support?
    • This position is salaried to cover local expenses and international expenses. For potential candidates with younger children, schooling options will be explored.
  • Are there moving allowances, annual transportation home, etc.
    • Yes.
  • Do I need to speak Bangla?
    • Not at first as the factory works in English, but the company will provide some language classes to help you be able to communicate well.

If you would like to learn more about this opportunity you can read a longer description at: Job Opportunity

You can also send your CV to B4B’s Opportunity Manager at: om@b4blessing.com


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