Apr 2018

The Hidden Red Eggs

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Photo courtesy of: ΙΣΧΣΝΙΚΑ-888 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=26070591

The Hidden Red Eggs

The little girl followed her grandmother into the hidden room. It was like a dungeon concealed in the rocks – a secret room – grandma’s prayer room. The little girl knew she was special – grandma’s favorite. She knew that grandma trusted her to keep the secret. The Secret? That grandma was a Christian who practiced her faith with the risk of being sent to prison or put to death. That was how it was during communism in Albania. Religion wasn’t tolerated.

The communists in the village would look for anyone practicing Christianity and tell the authorities. No one could be trusted. But in the hidden room, Grandma Kaliopi could pray and keep her faith. Most children were not told about the parents or grandparents’ practice of Christianity because they might accidentally slip and tell someone. But grandma trusted Majlinda, her favorite.

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Mar 2018

Hans Nielsen Hauge, Apostle of Norway

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Dr. Nora Hughes

Who is this guy? I’ve never heard of him and he has such a funny name: Hans Nielsen Hauge. I’m not even sure how to pronounce it. You say he started more than 30 businesses? And he was a preacher? AND he was in prison? Who could do all that?  OK, tell me his story.

Hans – lets just call him Hans for short – lived in the late 1800s in what is now Norway. However, Norway had been taken over by Denmark and wasn’t even a country anymore. Denmark was Christian – sorta. Christianity was the state religion and controlled by the Danish King.  To be a pastor you had to go through the proper schools and be appointed by the government. If you didn’t follow the rules: prison.

Hans didn’t follow the rules.

He was a farm boy from a family of strong bible-believing Christians. His parents had family bible time every day.

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Mar 2018

Is Marketing Biblical?

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Excerpts From our Marketing Workbook

Build it and they will come 

Field of Dreams is a 1989 movie in which a farmer hears a voice saying, “Build it and they will come”. So he plows up his field of corn and builds a baseball diamond. Because this is a movie and not reality, a long-dead baseball hero, Shoeless Joe, turns up and everyone comes to play baseball.

That’s how we often look at building a business. If we have a product, surely everyone will see the need for that product. If I build it, they will come and buy it. So we fire off our baseballs assuming we have a hit but find we aren’t even in the ballpark. We are disappointed.

Christians sometimes have a fundamental biblical issue with marketing because much of the marketing in the world’s business system is pure puffery and lies. Will that diet drink really allow me to lose 15 pounds or KGs in 2 weeks? Will that new car really make me so happy that I will never worry about the payments? Marketing often seems like the devil’s lie, but when I build it, they don’t come. So what do I do?

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