Nov 2016

Thanksgiving Holiday: What’s it all about?

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Thanksgiving is an American holiday AND a biblical concept.

But before we get to that . . .5  True or False questions for you:

1.  T or F:  The Pilgrims were the first to celebrate Thanksgiving in the new world?

2.  T or F:  From the beginning of the U.S. as a separate country, Thanksgiving was an ongoing national holiday?

3.  T or F:  The Turkey was the U.S. National Bird for a time?

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Nov 2016

An Opportunity

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Are you an experienced manufacturing manager? Perhaps you have been asking God, “How can I use this well developed skill for You?” Would it be a dream come true to produce a product that helps people AND do it in a place that needs the jobs as well as the steady example of biblical principles?

If you, or someone you know, is an experienced manufacturing manager B4B has an excellent opportunity for you to consider.

This multi-national company produces consumer products that allow injured people to regain their mobility and continue to be productive. It’s a company, owned by believers and managed with biblical principles. You would be the executive manager of this factory employing more than 250 people. You will have the privilege of leading local managers and being a part of an international executive leadership team. This company has facilities in the South Asia, the US, Europe and China. Your role as a senior leader requires that you have a proven track record as a manager of managers, able to lead across diverse cultures. While flexibility is important you will also have the integrity and character of a Christian executive.

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Nov 2016

Divided and Disgusted

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America’s political scene has never been this divided, nor have so many people been completely disgusted with the whole process. As I travel people ask in amazement about how America’s politics works. It seems incomprehensible — even to Americans these days. My Singaporean friends say that they look for competence in their leaders and America looks for celebrity. I can’t deny that.

This blog is not a political harangue to promote one party or another, but it’s to ask our B4B readers to pray.

As I’ve worked, lived and traveled around the world I’ve seen that America is both loved and hated. Sometimes it has been a good thing to be an American, but sometimes it hasn’t. And frankly, the last few years it has mostly not been a good thing at all. America is the place and culture people love to hate. We are often arrogant and believe we have the answers even before we know what the questions are. I admit that. But America does fulfill a role in the world that other countries don’t.

We were not founded on a people group or geography, but on a principle. The principle that people are given rights by God, not by government authority. The Declaration of Independence says:

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Oct 2016

Standing at the Crossroad of Asia and Europe

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Europe and Asia divide in Ural Mountains

Europe / Asia divide in Ural Mountains

It was a warm September day when I stood with one foot in Europe and the other in Asia in the Ural Mountains near Yekaterinburg. This Siberian city has a long and rich history. It is where both a Russian tragedy and the birth of a modern Russian leader took place. Russia itself covers both Asia and Europe. The formation of Russia was Asian. They had Asian roots and Asian dress. As Russia covered more territory, they began to look west. Tsar Peter the Great decreed they could no longer dress as Asians at the court. They must look European in their dress. Thus began a new era of Russian history.

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Oct 2016

Medical Device Manufacturer – Senior Executive Manager (0022)

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Business type:  Manufacturing consumer medical devices
Main business skill needed:  This is a senior executive management position requiring technical and manufacturing process experience. Experience in supply chain management would be also be beneficial. We are looking for someone who has both an educational background and several years of experience in manufacturing.
Other skills needed: Managing people across cultures in a way that creates a productive, highly skilled work force and a quality product.

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