Dec 2014

Bhutan Blast

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Have you ever wanted to go someplace unique, someplace you have never gone before? But you wanted to go with a trusted friend? Well, B4B has just such an opportunity for you. Last year I was privileged to go to Bhutan.  Where’s that you say? Well, look on your map, just to the right of Nepal and north of India.  That’s Bhutan. A small kingdom with amazing views of the Himalayas and an even more amazing history. The trusted friend? That’s Chimi of Back to Bhutan.  


Chimi is a brother who grew up in Bhutan. When he finished university he needed a way to earn a living so he began a tour company: Back to Bhutan.

Last October I spent 5 days with Chimi and his team touring Western Bhutan – it was a fabulous adventure. Some people think that its expensive because its around $225 per day per person. But really, its not.  That price is all in — your guide, vehicle, hotel, food — all of it at that price. And you will get to see spectacular scenery in the Himalayas as well as the Buddhist culture of this small and remote Kingdom.

As a solo traveler, I traveled with Back to Bhutan guides to several regions in Western Bhutan.  Seeing the history, the spectacular mountains, the culture of the people. Archery is a favorite sport — the archers do a crazy dance when they hit the target. They get a flag to attach to their belt so you can see who the best archers are by how many flags they have. I’ve got a short video for you here. My favorite day was going up to Tiger’s Nest — a monastery clinging to the side of a mountain. I rode a horse up and walked down — 3 KM downhill! Honestly, I thought I wouldn’t make it, but the Back to Bhutan guide helped me and I did it! I’ve attached some pictures for you.

You will also get an opportunity to see what is happening and the B4B business opportunities. They have a young king, educated in the west, who is modernizing the country in a very clear and concise way. They are concerned that the beauty of their land is not destroyed by tourism. They value their culture and don’t want to see it overrun by tourists.

The educated, English-speaking population will give you ideas about some opportunities to do good and profitable business in ways that bless the country.

Now why are we featuring Back to Bhutan in this e-mail blog? Because its a local business we trust. They have proven themselves to us. Because we think you might be adventurous enough to give it a try, and because Chimi needs to get the word out about his business. We want to showcase this brother to help him do that.

You will find a link to Back to Bhutan on our B4B site. This is a service we provide for businesses that we know exhibit the values of B4B. Back to Bhutan is one of those – you can trust all the businesses that advertise on B4B.

Enjoy Bhutan . . . I did!


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