Aug 2016

Business Consultancy – Business Development & Sales (0021)

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Business type:  Business Consultants
Main business skill needed:  Business development and sales
Other skills needed: Marketing experience would be helpful but is not essential
Business purpose: To promote creation care, provide local jobs and set an example of a business run on Christian values and ethics.

We are a consultancy business providing a complementary range of specialized professional consulting and training services in the areas of Cleaner Production, Energy Efficiency, Occupational Safety and Health, Fire Safety, Electrical safety and improving relationships between workers and management and also in the area of factory productivity improvement.

Helping companies in a wide range of trade sectors to be sustainable by earning profit in ways that minimize damage to the natural environment.

Actively promoting the concept of Social Responsibility

Who else works in this business? 2 British Engineers and 16 local staff
Help is needed by:  ASAP
Length of job:  1 to 2 years (or longer)
Financial resources required:  Some personal support required.
Required language:  English
Other helpful language skills:  Bengali
Region or Country:  Bangladesh and region
You will learn:  How to work cross culturally; increase your knowledge of how a consultancy can be used for the Kingdom; understand God’s calling for you
Further information:  Majority of the staff are local Muslims. Sensitivity and cultural awareness are needed

Contact: admin@b4blessing.com

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