Jan 2018

I grew up in Montana, which is why I love going to Kazakhstan. It reminds me of home.
My dad was one of the last of the “real” cowboys – rode the range, herded cattle, fixed the fences.
Perhaps you are from the country too. Are you wondering how God might use your practical skills at
this time of your life?

When I was in Kazakhstan last fall I found several B4B
opportunities for cowboys and cowgirls. People who have real knowledge of animal
husbandry, grain farming, running a ranch, etc. We
have requests from many areas around Kazakhstan so can only believe this is God’s call for practical

Farmers in Western Kazakhstan want to understand more about grain,
Two guys raising cows need practical help. I also visited a drug rehab facility that is trying to
raise animals to help recovering addicts have a sense of responsibility. Not only could they use
more knowledge about cows, chickens and pigs, but an old fashioned barn raising (or bunk house
raising) would be so much appreciated.

Do you have those country skills? Have you
been wondering how God could use you? Is your church looking for a short term trip that would
accomplish something for His Kingdom? Consider Kazakhstan and send me a note at: nora@b4blessing.com.  Oh yes, and that’s me on the horse with my dad. Even babies ride horses in
Montana…but you knew that if you are from the country.

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