Jan 2018

Calling all Cowboys…and Cowgirls

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I grew up in Montana, which is why I love going to Kazakhstan. It reminds me of home.
My dad was one of the last of the “real” cowboys – rode the range, herded cattle, fixed the fences.
Perhaps you are from the country too. Are you wondering how God might use your practical skills at
this time of your life?

When I was in Kazakhstan last fall I found several B4B
opportunities for cowboys and cowgirls. People who have real knowledge of animal

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Mar 2017

Albania, Land of the Eagles, Ancient Shqipëria: Lets do business

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By: Nora Hughes

Albania swiss airThe first time I flew into Albania, the German engineer sitting next to me said, “the plane will circle a couple of times because the runway isn’t really a runway it’s a collection of paving tiles so the pilot has to find the best way to land.” Sure enough, that is what happened. I found myself in the poorest country I had ever seen. Everything was broken, factories were destroyed, nothing could be purchased, not even a jar of jam. The year was 1993 and Albania had just overthrown its oppressive communist government and hoped to have a democracy. Albania was the North Korea of Europe – a Xenophobic dictator, totally closed to the outside world.

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Nov 2016

An Opportunity

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Are you an experienced manufacturing manager? Perhaps you have been asking God, “How can I use this well developed skill for You?” Would it be a dream come true to produce a product that helps people AND do it in a place that needs the jobs as well as the steady example of biblical principles?

If you, or someone you know, is an experienced manufacturing manager B4B has an excellent opportunity for you to consider.

This multi-national company produces consumer products that allow injured people to regain their mobility and continue to be productive. It’s a company, owned by believers and managed with biblical principles. You would be the executive manager of this factory employing more than 250 people. You will have the privilege of leading local managers and being a part of an international executive leadership team. This company has facilities in the South Asia, the US, Europe and China. Your role as a senior leader requires that you have a proven track record as a manager of managers, able to lead across diverse cultures. While flexibility is important you will also have the integrity and character of a Christian executive.

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