Mar 2018

Is Marketing Biblical?

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Excerpts From our Marketing Workbook

Build it and they will come 

Field of Dreams is a 1989 movie in which a farmer hears a voice saying, “Build it and they will come”. So he plows up his field of corn and builds a baseball diamond. Because this is a movie and not reality, a long-dead baseball hero, Shoeless Joe, turns up and everyone comes to play baseball.

That’s how we often look at building a business. If we have a product, surely everyone will see the need for that product. If I build it, they will come and buy it. So we fire off our baseballs assuming we have a hit but find we aren’t even in the ballpark. We are disappointed.

Christians sometimes have a fundamental biblical issue with marketing because much of the marketing in the world’s business system is pure puffery and lies. Will that diet drink really allow me to lose 15 pounds or KGs in 2 weeks? Will that new car really make me so happy that I will never worry about the payments? Marketing often seems like the devil’s lie, but when I build it, they don’t come. So what do I do?

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Oct 2016

Medical Device Manufacturer – Senior Executive Manager (0022)

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Business type:  Manufacturing consumer medical devices
Main business skill needed:  This is a senior executive management position requiring technical and manufacturing process experience. Experience in supply chain management would be also be beneficial. We are looking for someone who has both an educational background and several years of experience in manufacturing.
Other skills needed: Managing people across cultures in a way that creates a productive, highly skilled work force and a quality product.

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Aug 2016

Business Consultancy – Business Development & Sales (0021)

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Business type:  Business Consultants
Main business skill needed:  Business development and sales
Other skills needed: Marketing experience would be helpful but is not essential
Business purpose: To promote creation care, provide local jobs and set an example of a business run on Christian values and ethics.

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