Oct 2016

Medical Device Manufacturer – Senior Executive Manager (0022)

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Business type:  Manufacturing consumer medical devices
Main business skill needed:  This is a senior executive management position requiring technical and manufacturing process experience. Experience in supply chain management would be also be beneficial. We are looking for someone who has both an educational background and several years of experience in manufacturing.
Other skills needed: Managing people across cultures in a way that creates a productive, highly skilled work force and a quality product.

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Dec 2015

Fashion Products – Product Development (0007)

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Business type:  Sustainable fashion products with creative design inspired by humanitarian causes
Main business skill needed:  Product Development
Other skills needed: Graphic Design, Strong computer skills, Marketing, Personal interest in Fashion would be a plus
Business purpose: Syrian refugees face hard time on finding jobs in Brazil due to language issues. We provide those jobs also give them (mainly Muslims) the chance to hear about the Gospel.

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