Dec 2015

Business type:  Environmental Consultancy
Main business skill needed:  Consultancy in such areas as Environmental Impact Assessment, mapping, policy formulation, habitat conservation, industrial processes, etc.
Other skills needed: Consultancy management
Business purpose: To reach people in business and government
Who else works in this business? This would involve starting a business, or partnering with an existing business
Help is needed by:  ASAP
Length of job:  3 years or more
Financial resources required:  Start-up capital would be needed.
Required language:  Chinese or another E Asian language
Other helpful language skills:  Russian or Kazakh
Region or Country:  China, Mongolia, Myanmar etc.
You will learn:  How to interact with governments to facilitate environmental sustainability.
Further information:  This is a start up business and we are building a team so if you have others interested we would be interested in your friends and colleagues.

Contact: admin@b4blessing.com

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