Jul 2016

Independence Anyone?

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Independence Day, 4th of July in the U.S.
Growing up in Montana we had REAL fireworks. All the kids had them and it was the fun of the 4th of July. Now its thought too dangerous – things change – what we think is right doesn’t always stay the same. The 4th of July brings all sorts of things to mind. The real Boston Tea Party when guys dressed up like Indians dumped the tea into Boston Harbor because they didn’t want to pay tax…No Taxation Without Representation they said, and started a war for freedom – to be independent. And we won. It’s been more than 200 years and I would say that Americans are some of the most independent minded people on the planet.

For the Brits, who were our enemies in our war for independence, and now are our good friends, the Brexit vote has been called Independence Day, but no one is sure yet how it will work out. Many thought that Arab Spring would lead to independence for many countries, but it didn’t.

It’s clear that independence is illusive and can change with the times. And yet, we want to be independent. Or do we?

Many want to be independent of God’s Sovereignty. They see His ways as constricting and narrow. But what is the alternative?

Over the last two weeks we have watched daily scenes of carnage in places as diverse as Florida, Istanbul, Dhaka and Baghdad. So many killed. It makes you afraid to go out with friends, enjoy a trip to the mall or take a flight. Maybe we should just all stay home. If I didn’t know that God is Sovereign, then I would worry about crazy bombers.

But we DO know that God is sovereign. During 1997 I was in Albania in the midst of their civil war when the arms dumps were opened and everyone went in and got a Kalashnikov. A friend even told me he had one for me, but I never got it from him. The organization I was working with, AEDP, was the only NGO still in the country. We were under curfew and the Italian Army came over to try to keep the peace. When we traveled outside of Tirana we either had a UN convoy or the police protecting us. We were working with communities on rebuilding the school system after the devastation of communism. Even in the midst of the shooting and destruction the people protected the schools we worked with. Why? God is Sovereign and where He is, there is hope. The missionaries went home because of the situation and my church in Tirana was led by locals. I believe that set them up to be able to receive the Kosovar refugees a year later leading many to Jesus. They had to grow up. God’s Sovereignty again!

This last week, my nephew was going to be at the Ataturk Airport at the time of the bombing. He changed his plans and wasn’t there. His dad went through the airport the day before. The Providence of God protected our family. Does this always happen? No of course not – many people have been killed in these attacks. But again I say, God is Sovereign. He holds us in the palm of his hand. He has written our days in His book. We can rest in His Sovereignty.

There is no need to be dumb and run toward danger, but there is also no need to be afraid when God is Sovereign.

So, this 4th of July, lets not just celebrate our Independence politically, but rest on our Dependency on the Sovereignty of God to keep us in His Care.

Have a wonderful Independence Day depending on our Sovereign God.


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