Dec 2015

Internet Business – Research/Writer (0013)

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Business type:  Internet business providing resources, consulting and training to help people do business to bless people. We work in places where people don’t have jobs and churches struggling to be economically sustainable.
Main business skill needed:  Research and Writing
Other skills needed:  Business law, something about various countries and how they approach business
Business purpose: We feel it’s crucial for Christians to enjoy the practice of business as a calling. We also believe that business is a Godly pursuit and want to help people learn to do business that blesses others.
Who else works in this business?  Many people work with us virtually in training and consulting.
Help is needed by:  Now
Length of job:  At least 6 months, longer if we work well together.
Financial resources required:  You can do this where you are so no expenses. Right now its an unpaid internship, but as the business grows we would be in a place to pay you.
Required language:  English
Other helpful language skills:  Any of the more common languages would be a plus: Chinese, Russian, Spanish
Region or Country:  Virtual so you can work from anywhere.
You will learn: Providing country specific resources to help people start up businesses
Further information:  We’re looking for someone with some unafraid to dig in and learn something then write it up in a way that people can understand.

Contact: admin@b4blessing.com

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