Developing Your Business Through People Systems

Strategic Planning

Author: Nora L. Hughes, PhD

Pages: 63

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Business for Blessing - Developing Business - People Systems - Business Management Workbook

Creating a successful business through People Systems


Most businesses need people to serve their customers or to produce products or services. When hiring, the business owner often wonders, “Will it be more of a headache than a help?” That’s what many business owners ask us. How do we hire good people? People who fit our values and love our customers the way we do? Can we pay them enough to be fair? How do we build the culture of a happy workplace?

Why is this workbook useful?

This workbook will show you the basics of setting up a People System – a system to create that happy and productive workplace. We recommend a tried and true system as a base line for your People System. A systems approach provides balance and guidance when things get tough. It helps you stay on track when growth or the dreaded downturn brings confusion.

We want to give you the tools you need to create that system. You won’t put togeth­er the whole system at once. Even the large businesses we work with often grow into their People System.

We’ve given you a number of practical document samples in the Appendixes. You are free to use and customize those documents for your business.
This workbook is a resource for your business as you grow. Your expertise will increase as your business grows

Business for Blessing - Managing People Systems in Business Business for Blessing - Business People Systems Workbook Business for Blessing - Business Systems Workbook