Becoming a Consultant

Q. How do I become a consultant?

A. We are looking for people who have solid consulting experience. Our consultants have real world business experience that they can share with others. If you are a seasoned business person, or someone who has been consulting, contact our . We are particularly looking for people who have cross-cultural consulting experience. To get known, participate in a Forum in your area of knowledge. As you show your expertise you could be invited to be a consultant. All of our consultants are chosen and vetted to be experts in their field and knowledgeable of biblical business values. We will ask you to take a short course to understand the B4B method of consulting.

Q. Do I get paid for consulting?

A. Yes. Once you are listed in our consultant database, a member business can search for your type of expertise (marketing for instance). If a business asks for you, we will contact you to see if you would like to work with them. If you do, we’ll make the connection. There are different levels of consulting. Some you can do in your spare time from home. So if you respond on Skype or by e-mail you will probably not be paid. If you travel to someone’s business, there will be a daily consulting rate in addition to paying your travel expenses.

Q. If I take on a consulting client, what is my commitment?

A. That would depend on the agreement we make with the client. B4B’s Consultant Manager will help formulate the proposal and the consulting plan depending on the client’s needs. When all parties agree, we make a commitment. It might be just a few Skype calls; it could be a visit to their location. When we have agreement we ask that you keep to that agreement or inform us that it isn’t working. We ask that you keep us informed of the progress of the job. We believe that clear communication is a key to success for consulting. We do all the back office work and provide you with tools to make the project successful. We want to make sure that you and the business enjoy the interchange and appropriate help is provided.