My Profile

Q. Is joining the same as creating a profile?

A. No. Joining allows you to use the site. You must join in order to create a profile. Creating a profile allows your data to be seen, with your permission, by a business or social enterprise that can use your skills. This is a service many have asked for – finding the right person is difficult. For you, finding the dream job that fulfills what God has put in your heart could come from creating your profile. When a company wants to “meet you” we will ask you if you want to meet them. You are always in control of your profile.

Q. What happens when I create my profile?

A. It will become part of a searchable database, so you should only include information you are willing to have others know about. A member business may have a need for your skills, educational background or the languages you speak. We handle their search protecting your identity confidentially. The searching business will not see your name or e-mail. We will contact you to tell you about the opportunity. You are always in control of whether you pursue the contact or not.