B4B Resources

Q. Why do you have resources on B4B?

A. To sharpen your skills in doing business with biblical principles, we have provided a selection of publications about business and about biblical principles of business. One of the services that B4B provides to our members is a place to find good information. We’ll keep adding to it as we become aware of more resources and what you want to know. If there is something you want to suggest, please do so by contacting our .

Q. Why are some free?

A. Our consultants and others in the Christian community have written some very good papers. They have made them available to you. The papers from the Business As Mission (BAM) Think Tank are especially good. Free resources are a generous gift to you from the writers. We trust that you will read and learn as well as respect the copyrights of the writers.

Q. Why do you have recommended reading?

A. Sometimes the amount of reading resources is overwhelming. What is a good book on entrepreneurship? How do you know what might be helpful to you in running a business? Of all the Business As Mission (BAM) books available, what will I learn from this one that is different from that one? We have gone through many books to choose some that we think would be worthwhile for you. We’ve written a few lines to let you know why we liked this particular book. It allows you to make a choice. Let us know if the recommended reading meets your expectations. If you read a good book that you would like to recommend, write a couple of paragraphs about what you learned and why you liked it and send it to our . If it was helpful to you, it could be helpful to another B4B member.

Q. Why are some recommended books for sale through Amazon?

A. While B4B is a business, you can see that much of what we do is free. However, we became an Amazon Associate so that we could earn a small fee on the books you buy through Amazon (its about 4% and does not cost you anything extra). It helps us with our own business expenses when you click through and buy an Amazon book through B4B. Thanks for doing that to help us keep other services free.