Q. Is this site secure?

A. Yes. We are using a server provider in the US that has a division just for web security. They are continually monitoring security risks. B4B doesn’t store your data on the cloud or in some other company’s database. It’s all on our servers. We will never sell your data to another company. Even when you fill out a profile, another business will only see your data with your express permission. We have protected the site with a Secure Sockets Layer Certificate (SSL) so that your interaction with the site is encrypted in both directions. If you live in a sensitive area, you might want to get an e-mail (for instance from Google) that you use only for this site. If you suspect there is any problem with the B4B site, please send us a right away.

Q. What data do you collect from me?

A. We have tried to strike a balance between the data collected and our use of it. For instance, since we know that some of our members are in places where their personal security is an issue, we don’t ask you what country you are living in. We hold it to a region. Our purpose for asking that question is to provide services to our members – for instance a conference or an industry group. Yes, it hinders us to only know that you live in East Asia rather than China but we are willing to let the detail go in the interest of your security. We figure that if we say we are doing a conference in Hong Kong, you will decide whether or not you can come.

Q. What is the security reality?

A. Of course the reality is that if a government wants to get into our site, they can. Even the US Defense Department has been hacked by foreign governments. We have protected ourselves, and you, as much as possible in today’s wired world. However, you should also think about what you post in a Forum, or use for your username, etc. Be wise in what you say and how you say it. Some may join B4B to learn more about who we are, what our values are, etc. They may just be curious about how Christians think. Read Terms of Service policies. We have to work together to make B4B work well for us all.