My Profile – Why Put It Out There?

God can use your career and skills all around the world, in places that you've never dreamed of. If you desire to see what God can do with the tools and the talents He has given you, the Profile is a great place to start. Filling out your Profile will get you noticed! You may have the perfect skills that a small business in Timbuktu is looking for and Business 4 Blessing Alliance (B4B) will give you the option to be matched up with them.

We find that many people believe that if they are truly going to serve God they must “give up” their professional skills. But we have found that not to be true. If you have trained in a particular area, He has put it in your heart to do that. Now He wants to use you in a greater way. So, Put it Out There! Fill out your Profile and see what God does with it. We are sure it will be beyond your expectations. That is just the way God works!