QuickBooks 2014 The Guide


Author: Leslie Capachietti

ISBN-13: 978-0071823395

We recommend QuickBooks as an easy solution for your small business accounting. Why not just use a spreadsheet? Spreadsheets can be easily changed without an audit trail, which is not a good practice in a business. If you are an employee doing the data entry, you want to be able to follow a transaction and understand any changes made. To be a good financial manager you want to know where you are financially, and easily run reports you can understand to make management decisions. QuickBooks or a similar accounting program will help you do that. QuickBooks can be downloaded for both PCs and Mac and can have multi-users. While we consider QuickBooks very easy to use, this book will help you understand the accounting principles behind the program so that you are a more sophisticated financial manager. It helps you start up QuickBooks, put in your data, create a chart of accounts, etc.