Mercy, Community and Ministry

Business as Mission

Publisher: Singapore: Eagles Communications

Author: Lee Soo Ann. 1993

ISBN-13: 978-9810046163

In this book, economist Lee Soo Ann writes the chapter "Moral Mazes in the Marketplace" – only 12 pages long, but packed with insight. His viewpoint of the various systems of economics, which require or restrain decision-making and, thus, moral choices is made clear byBiblical examples of each system. Tradition is a system that leaves decision-making to the oldest person in the family as it requires wisdom to make choice. Command is the purview of the king or leader and choice is held in a few hands. Today’s economic system, the marketplace, has multiple actors and, thus, multiple choices. Those choices are more complex, a maze if you will, because the relationships are unclear. A good, thoughtful read. You can also read Lee Soo Ann’s article in the Missional Business Reflections in Asia under Free Resources.