Strategic Market Research


Author: Anne E. Beall, PhD

ISBN-13: 978-1936236169

Market research can be a scary unknown if you have never done it. This book will help demystifies market research. It’s a good place to start thinking about and understanding your marketplace. In this guide, author Anne Beall shares her unique procedure for conducting strategic market research. With more than fifteen years of experience in conducting market research, Beall details the strategic principles she has developed that impact the way in which market research can inspire and change an organization.

Strategic Market Research discusses identifying the strategic questions that will help a business use the right research techniques to obtain the level of depth required to have insight, and read the nonverbal communications of research respondents when doing qualitative work. You will learn how to identify the emotional aspects of human behavior and use statistical analyses to understand what drives markets, thereby going beyond the data to interpret the results and make strategic decisions. In addition to addressing both qualitative and quantitative research, Strategic Market Research provides real-life examples illustrating the application of these concepts in various scenarios, including businesses and non-profit organizations. Implementing the strategic approach from the beginning to the end of a project provides information that promotes change.