The Art of the Long View


Author: Peter Schwartz

ISBN-13: 978-1863160995

This is one of my favorite books. Understanding strategy through scenarios – stories that provide pictures of the future of our organization rather than hard plans which either materialize or don’t. Scenarios allow for variability and flexibility in planning. Schwartz has lived what he is proposing and shows clear linkage to adaptable scenario planning and company viability and prosperity.

In The Art of the Long View, now with the addition of an all-new User's Guide, Peter Schwartz outlines the "scenaric" approach, giving you the tools for developing a strategic vision within your business.

Schwartz describes the new techniques, originally developed within Royal/Dutch Shell, based on many of his firsthand scenario exercises with the world’s leading institutions and companies, including the White House, EPA, BellSouth, PG&E, and the International Stock Exchange.I’ve used this process with companies large and small, profit and not-for-profit.