Business 4 Blessing Alliance (B4B) desires to answer your questions in this FAQ. If, however, you can't find the answer you are looking for here please feel free to contact us with any questions you have.


Q. What happens when I join?

A. We’ll ask you a few questions and if you agree to our B4B values and policies, then we'll send you an email confirmation and activation. You will need to activate your account through the email account you used to sign up before you can fully use the B4B site. Unless you opt out, we’ll put you on our newsletter list. We don’t post your name or information anywhere; you will be identified on the site by the username you choose. If security is a concern, you might want to consider getting a different e-mail address just for this site. Just be sure to activate it on your computer’s mail program and check it for news from B4B.

Q. Is there a charge to join?

A. No, not for an individual membership. We just want you to enjoy the connections and learn more about B4B. However, if you are a business or social enterprise B4B offers many exclusive services to you for a small nominal fee. See Why Join Us.

Q. What do I get for being an Individual Member?

A. When you become a member you can participate in Forums, download resources and post Opportunities. You also need to be a member to create your profile which can be searched by member businesses (see the FAQ on Profiles)

Q. I’m a student in a business course. Can I join B4B if I am not an experienced business person?

A. Absolutely. We exist to bring many voices into the conversation. Young people have great questions and you may have answers we may never have thought of. Please join us.

Q. I’m from a country where English is my second language. Can I join?

A. Yes. We started B4B to serve people around the globe. We eventually want to have this site in a number of different languages. You will encourage us by participating.

Q. I don’t have a business, but am interested in what you are doing. Can I join?

A. Yes. Perhaps you will simply encourage someone else to pursue his or her dream. Or perhaps God will give you a business idea through the things you learn here.