Opportunities and Business Ideas

Q. What do I need to do to post an Opportunity?

A. Fill out the form under Opportunity and submit it to the Opportunity Master. It’s better if you have a business plan, but the OM will help you if you are stuck.

Q. If I post an Opportunity, how do I know that someone won’t steal my business idea?

A. Read our Fine Print for using the site. Also, the OM can help you post your Opportunity in a way that protects your idea.

Q. How do I connect to someone who has an Opportunity?

A. Click on the link to the Opportunity Master (OM) at the end of the listed Opportunity. The OM will contact you to help you connect.

Q. Can you help me start a business?

A. Yes, but there are several steps to do it. Please contact our to walk you through the process.