Who We Serve


We serve the business community around the world. Our desire is to connect and support those who God has called into business.
It could be:

  • A business with an opportunity to move into another country with a sustainable, scalable business that provides opportunities to explore the wider purposes of God.
  • Business people who want to use their skills to provide jobs and coaching where there are few opportunities.
  • An entrepreneur who sees a business opportunity, but needs some resources.
  • A young business graduate who wonders what’s next and how God could use her skills.
  • Businesses that are looking for skilled business people.
  • Consultants who feel passionately about biblical business principles, who want to share that passion in a forum or blog on a specific business topic.
  • Women around the world who seek the opportunity to get involved in business in ways that bless not only their families, but also their communities.
  • Young people who want to explore how social media can be used for business that blesses people around the world.
  • Anyone who would like to explore how God could use business to further His kingdom.

While we always intended Business 4 Blessing Alliance (B4B) to be global, it has surprised us how quickly the demand has come. As soon as feasible, we will provide this site in other languages to serve a global clientele. If you would like to help with our globalization and have translation skills in Mandarin, Russian, Arabic, etc., please contact us.

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