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Business 4 Blessing Alliance (B4B) was created with Christian principles and values. Our aim is to make connections between business resources and business needs around the world. Knowing that one person could connect only a few, but that an alliance of people could make millions of connections became the driving force of our vision. We saw that what was needed were on-line business tools and resources. That, in a nutshell, is how B4B was born and continues to grow.

Being a part of B4B connects you with other like-minded business people around the globe. This enables you to grow your business with biblical business practices, share your knowledge with others, be a blessing to the world around you, and be blessed yourself.

Won't you join us?


OUR VISION IS: To be an alliance of people and organizations connected in an ecosystem of business opportunities, strategies and resources that bless individuals, families and communities in ways that exemplify a biblical model of business.

OUR MISSION IS: As God’s faithful followers, we enable the establishment of successful businesses around the world by connecting people, encouraging creativity, developing resources, and increasing knowledge and skills, thus fulfilling His mandate.


Business 4 Blessing Alliance (B4B) is made up of people who understand the business world, biblical values and their own place in God’s plan. They can see the advantage of business with strong processes and drive toward quality products and profits. They also see the need for biblical values with a business model that pays good wages, provides profit for owners, utilizes the creativity of its people and is transparent and ethical in financial matters.

In other words, a business that blesses individuals, families, and communities by operating with biblical principles so that people see God in our everyday life and are drawn to Him. If this resonates with you, we invite you to join B4B. Be a blessing and be blessed yourself.


We invite you to join in the Business 4 Blessing Alliance (B4B) values:

  • Biblical principles and business integrity are our foundation
  • We exist because God has called us to serve our clients
  • We believe in the quadruple bottom line:
    1. Our profit is well utilized for sustainability and scalability
    2. The people who work with us are creative, growing and are blessed
    3. The planet is cared for as God intended
    4. Our purpose in society reflects our biblical values
  • Our commitment to quality creates a continuous learning environment