What’s In The Name?

Why Business 4 Blessing?

We want to be clear that we are about business. We are not a charity nor a not-for-profit. We are a business and we desire to work with other businesses and individuals to create a specific kind of business: one that is a blessing. We believe that is what God meant for business from creation, through the fall, by Christ's redemption, and into the next age. Yes, we live in a fallen world, but, by grace, we can do business in ways that bless those around us.

It should go without mention that a business ought to make a profit and be a blessing to its owners, but our objective is bigger than that. We believe that business is meant to be a blessing to its employees, customers, suppliers, communities, and extended influences. We have witnessed that, overtime, charity is not sustainable nor scalable. Business is. Business provides middle class, tax base people the opportunity to change the status quo for the better. Business can be a blessing. We seek people who see the potential business possesses to bring glory to God--to create an alliance of people and companies around the globe, working together across borders, establishing ever-widening circles of blessing.

Business for Blessing - Transparent integrity across all cultures