Game Changing Medical Care


When we met them, they were just talking and exploring about working together. Two Asians from different countries, a doctor and a dentist. They had an opportunity with a local doctor in the country where they were living. The local doctor wanted to open an International Clinic in one of his hospitals. We went up to the mountains to spend the day talking about it. The International Clinic seemed a reasonable way to change how medical care was done in this remote Asian city. Our conversation was on-going as they worked out the “deal” with the local doctor who would provide the space, equipment and in country medical license.

Nora, from Business 4 Blessing Alliance (B4B), came back after they opened practice to work through some issues with the staff. Normal stuff: how they would work together, what would be their value system as they treated patients, how would they resolve conflicts, how were the income and expenses stacking up. Their patients were both local and foreigners. As the area became open to foreign investment, a manufacturing company came in and hired the International Clinic to take care of it's expats.

We also worked with an expert in automated hospital systems to help the local doctor think through how to automate his hospital.

In another visit, Andrew and Nora, from B4B, came again to consult. They teamed up to work with the staff on good processes and procedures for the International Clinic. Andrew taught the local doctor and his hospital staff about the different types of international accreditation and what was required.

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Another doctor and another dentist have been brought into the practice. Many people in this city have found the good services of these two doctors provided expert medical care. The staff has also had many opportunities to share in the doctors’ faith and grow in their own faith in a natural way.

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